How to Translate a WordPress theme

How to translate a WordPress theme? How to translate your theme into French? When installing a free theme or a paid theme, it is common to have the unpleasant surprise that the French translation of the theme is not available. Discover the method to translate your WordPress theme into French.

How to translate a WordPress theme into French?

To have a relevant blog, it is essential to carry out a translation of its content . Indeed, many actions and sections are in English after installing and activating a free or paid theme on your WordPress blog. To correct these texts in English, you must then translate your WordPress theme into French. This action is not complicated but requires understanding English and having installed the free Poedit software on your computer.

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Here are the steps to follow in order to translate your theme into French :

  1. First, download and install the Poedit translation software from
  2. Then get the English language files for your theme from your server.
  3. To do this, select your blog folder on the server then follow this path: wp-content> themes> name of the theme to translate> lang> en_US.po.
  4. Place the en_US.po file on your computer and translate it with the Poedit software.
  5. Once the theme texts have been translated into French, save it by naming it fr_FR.po on your computer.
  6. Finally, place the two created language files (fr_FR.po and in the lang folder with en_US.po.
  7. Your theme is now translated into French!

Note that the file is automatically created when registering fr_FR.po. One trick is to translate only the visible part of your blog by its visitors and not the site administration area. Indeed, it is useless to waste time translating the administration of your WordPress blog knowing that only you can access it.

Find out if the premium theme is translated into French

By purchasing a premium theme, you bet on the security of the theme and often more regular updates than a free theme. Find out for example the differences between paid themes and free themes concerning the translations of texts. It should also be noted that a paid theme has the advantage of often including better plugins and even options than the free themes. In these options, a premium theme can include multiple translations of its text content other than English.

From my personal experience, the premium themes necessarily include the English translation of the theme which is the default language. Often, the creator of the paid theme translates the theme into their language. The translations of a paid theme are therefore quite random, unfortunately.

When purchasing a premium theme, you know that at least your theme is in English. However, the translation into other languages ​​may be noted in the theme description. It is therefore up to you to do the research concerning possible translations of this WordPress theme.

Method to translate your WordPress theme.

Finally, the majority of premium themes, and therefore paid, are ready to be translated into all possible languages ​​including French or Arabic for example. As a result, you can very easily translate your WordPress theme into French or any other language.

Buy a WordPress theme translation

If you lack computer knowledge to translate your theme into French, one solution is to buy a translation of your WordPress theme on the internet. Indeed, some websites offer to download a paid translation for its theme. You then only have to pay the price of this translation is to place the purchased language files in the correct directory of your theme.

Why paid translations? Doing French translations of WordPress plugins and themes requires time and involvement from its author. You have to translate the WordPress theme qualitatively and ensure updates to reflect any additions of language keys. In other words, buying a translation of WordPress themes in French saves you time and ensures the quality of translation, enough to justify an average price of 15 € per theme for a French translation.

For example, you will find many translations of WordPress themes on WPTrads. As mentioned above, the price of a WordPress theme translation costs around € 15 on this site. This is a merchant site dedicated to translations of WordPress themes and plugins.

Free French translation on WordPress themes

Working with many premium WordPress themes, including Elegant Themes, we will be offering you free French translations this year, produced by us. In particular, you will find French translations of Aggregate, Divi, and Nexus themes for Elegant Themes as well as other premium themes such as DirectoryEngine or SmartMag (one of the most downloaded paid themes in France).

If you do not wish to wait for the publication of the French translations of these themes, contact us via the contact form. You will receive the translation of the topic which interests you free and quickly. A simple message for the free French translation of WordPress SmartMag, DirectoryEngine, Aggregate, Divi, and Nexus themes.

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