These Video Marketing Mistakes Might Be Ruining Your Business

The growth of the video marketing industry is expected to hit $22 billion this year in the United States, as reported by digital marketing analysts. Rapid internet penetration around the world has fueled the massive growth with more people watching videos on their mobile devices. The success of many companies in today’s digital age depends on implementing the most effective marketing strategies, including creating excellent promotional videos. In fact, marketers agree that videos are one of the most effective ways of attracting customers for their products.

Few mistakes, however, have to be eliminated to ensure your business makes the most of video marketing efforts. Here’s what you should avoid:

Investing in Low-End Video Technology 

Producing quality video content that targets and speaks to your audience helps grow your brand and increases the overall revenue. One common mistake made by businesses is compromising the overall quality of the videos they produce. Working with a video production firm that produces poor-quality videos will crush your marketing efforts. You may decide to save costs by slashing your video budget and work with a cheap video production company but the poor quality videos produced may affect the revenue of the business in the long run.

Relying on low-end video technology will only make your marketing work substandard. To negate this mistake, companies should allocate an adequate budget for video marketing, engage an expert or get an established video content company that clearly understands their business needs. Composing a professional video of high quality can build your brand and attract more customers.

No Clear Video Marketing Strategy

Producing a marketing video without clear objectives isn’t a wise idea for any company that wants to connect with its audience. Failure of incorporating proper SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques won’t get the video the constant online exposure it requires to make an impact. Customers have to relate to the story being relayed by the video. Online videos having clear messages prove to be successful in increasing the company’s revenue by driving viewers to their websites.

Therefore, a good video marketing strategy involves implementing SEO best practices and writing a quality script that clearly describes the problem targeted users face and the solution provided through a company product or service.

Targeting the Wrong Audience

Companies can have multiple products and services on offer that benefit a big audience but don’t directly target a specific audience or niche. Different viewers have different needs. Therefore, as you design your marketing videos, it’s critical for your organization to understand your audience’s needs and speak in their language.

Focusing on specific demography may be successful in increasing sales. Additionally, using audience targeting tools like Google AdWords may direct the video to particular viewers.  

Marketing Videos that Lack a Clear Brand Message

Another mistake that companies make is promoting their brand without factoring in the customer needs in the videos. Viewers and potential customers live a busy life, and when they’re watching the video advert, they quickly would love to know what the product offers and its benefits.

Therefore, to keep viewers engaged, videos have to be short, precise, and straight to the point. An effective video has to focus more on the customer’s needs and wants than the brand. At the end of the video, you can provide a link or clear direction where the viewers can buy your products.

Video advertising is becoming the centerpiece of business marketing efforts today. Making effective marketing videos requires creative thinking and understanding your audience for them to be successful. Avoiding these mistakes and adopting the above tips may help your business accomplish its objectives and improve brand awareness.

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