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How to choose a WordPress theme ? How to find a WordPress theme ? What are the best WordPress themes and templates? The choice of a theme will impact the visual appearance of your website created with WordPress, but not only. Indeed, WordPress themes provide more than an appearance: widgets, templates, functionalities, etc. The search for and the choice of a WordPress theme are therefore essential steps that will impact the design and options of your WP site or blog.

Factors in choosing a WordPress theme

When creating a website in WordPress

  • The theme of your site: there are themes adapted to each theme. It is therefore preferable to look for themes that have been designed and developed to measure in relation to the category of your site. For example if your site talks about animals, certain themes are dedicated to dogs, cats, etc. The same goes for cars or building work for example. By choosing a theme that is visually compatible with your theme, you will save time! You will also have a more precise idea of ​​the rendering of your site after installing this WordPress theme.
  • The necessary features: not all themes have the same tools and features. Indeed, some themes integrate premium plugins that enrich your website. The designers have worked on integrating these options which blend seamlessly into the graphic theme. This is the case, for example, with contact forms, discussion forum plugins, etc.
  • The quality of the theme: WordPress themes are composed of templates developed in PHP. Consequently, the quality of the code is a real asset to ensure the performance of the site and its evolution. In addition, you need to check that the theme achieves good SEO.
  • The allocated budget: the money you want to invest will make you choose between a free theme or a paid theme. On WordPress, there are all kinds of themes: non-premium paid, same observation for free themes. By having an allocated budget, you will have more choices and will be able to devote your research on premium WordPress theme platforms like Elegant Themes or ThemeForest.

For more convenience, we suggest you choose a WordPress theme from the Elegant Themes WordPress theme catalog. Why choose a WP theme from Elegant Themes? Quite simply because they are beautiful, clean in terms of the code, easy to adapt and modify and the price is more than correct!

Test your WordPress theme

Once the theme has been chosen, you have two options: the theme is free and therefore easily testable on your site. To do this, you just have to upload it from the WordPress back office and activate it. If the theme is paid, it is more complicated to have the rendering on your website. However, there are download sites that allow you to download WordPress themes. This maneuver is legal as long as you buy the theme if you want to keep it.

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