Google Sites: an online website creation tool

Google Sites is one of the features built into G Suite, which allows you to create websites very quickly, without any knowledge of code and programming. This completely free platform gets very good reviews, and its ease of setting up is helped by the many tutorials available on the Internet.

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Google Sites, what is it?

Google Sites is a platform for creating and hosting websites, accessible free of charge, even if it is integrated with G Suite , and which offers the possibility of creating simple and professional sites very quickly, without prior knowledge. Google Site also offers many themes and templates, which integrate perfectly with other Google tools, such as Sheets or Drive. The collaborative aspect is therefore important for this solution, which goes beyond the simple creation of websites, since it is also linked to other G Suite services.

How to use Google Sites

The use of Google Sites is very intuitive, with the existence of many models depending on the desired activity. It is possible to quickly and easily create a basic first site, whether for a personal blog, an association or a school, then to personalize it according to your tastes. The speed with which it is possible to create a site is impressive.

Where to find help

To obtain information on Google Sites and thus easily create a site, documentation provided by Google is made available as well as a help forum with millions of users. It is also possible to follow various tutorials posted on the Web to find answers to your questions. If, on the whole, its possibilities are limited, its handling is very intuitive.

The price of Google Sites

This is one of the main advantages of Google Sites: it is a completely free service, which only requires registration for a Google account. Google Sites thus offers the possibility of creating simple sites for free, which is a significant advantage. This application is also integrated into G Suite, which is chargeable via various subscription plans.


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