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Looking for a reliable SEO company in Montreal? You’ve come to the right place. More than 400 websites are created every day in Montreal. Therefore, good SEO services are essential when creating a website in Montreal. Either way, you need to be visible. Let’s see how we can get you on the 1rst page of Google.

We have been doing Search Engine Optimization since 2009. 10 years ago, it was way easier to rank a website on the top of the search engine results. But today, the process is very different and it takes longer to get there.

However, we have been closely following all the Google algorithm changes and we are able to help your business to increase its visibility with our proven and highly effective SEO techniques.


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We have a team of 15+ highly skilled SEO specialists ready to create a custom SEO strategy for your business.  Meet our executive SEO team.



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Our SEO guarantee

MC Marketing 360 supports you in improving your natural referencing with invoicing based entirely on results. We charge you for our services only if the campaign objectives are met.

Given the constant fluctuations in search engine algorithms (and in particular Google), Our team of SEO experts carry out daily technology watch on SEO topics. We are also constantly working on the evolution and improvement of our referencing techniques in order to bring you the most efficient solutions.

We always stay up to date and that’s why we have clients that have been with us for years.

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A white hat SEO agency

The term white hat SEO agency is used to distinguish SEO agencies that have practices scrupulously respecting Google’s rules from black hat SEO agencies that use techniques prohibited by Google. The latter risk their clients with heavy penalties from search engines, which can go as far as deindexing their client’s site.

This means, that it might take a bit longer to get the results but you can be sure that these results will stick and you won’t have to worry about any of Google’s updates that penalizes websites that didn’t follow the guidelines in order to get quicker short-term results.

How we support you in the deployment of your SEO strategy?

Depending on your needs and the degree of maturity of your website, MC Marketing 360 offers different types of SEO services, exclusive or complementary to each other.


Do you have a website but your turnover entering the site is only decreasing or stagnating? Your Montreal’s SEO expert is responsible for identifying the strengths and weaknesses of your site, the obstacles to natural referencing. It also suggests areas for improvement and monitors the implementation of recommendations by our deigital marketing agency.



Do you want to create your website and have you become aware of the issues associated with SEO? We support you from the start of your project, whether it is a showcase site, a lead generation site, or an online sales site, to advise and guide you at each design stage: development of the tree structure, choice the domain name, SEO specifications, technical and lexical recommendations, etc.



Do you plan to carry out a structural overhaul (change of domain name, web technology, URLs, etc.) of your site and not just a graphic update? Our digital marketing agency supports you at each step of the migration so that you can keep, at a minimum, the benchmarks of your old site (positioning, traffic, conversions, links, turnover, etc.) to transfer them to the new one.


Do you want to develop the visibility of your site on the local market? Our SEO experts in Montreal will support you to improve your positioning on geolocated requests corresponding to your catchment area. They also identify local directories on which to advertise your brand name and, of course, they optimize your business listing that appears in Google Maps through the Google My Business platform. The objective: to attract new customers by making the most of the distribution tools made available.


In SEO, link building is the sinews of war! Although the so-called “artificial” links are criticized by Google, unfortunately, no site can do without them today. On highly competitive themes, the acquisition of themed external links and, from sites with strong authority, is sometimes necessary to aim for the best positions in the pages of search results. At our SEO company, we are very demanding when it comes to the quality of the backlinks we target. This is the only guarantee for lasting and effective referencing.



Google Penguin, do you know? A terror of SEOs in 2013, this algorithm update revolutionized the way we think about link acquisition today. However, at MC Marketing 360, we can still observe today that a certain number of sites are penalized by Google for fraudulent practices linked to link campaigns in particular. We have thus made a specialty of exiting penalties, whether algorithmic or manual. Our experts know what strategy to adopt to get a site out of the penalty that Google has imposed on it.


We do not audit an eCommerce site in the same way as a showcase site or a lead generation site. Indeed, the referencing of a commercial site requires additional skills in terms of managing faceted filters, sold-out products, eCommerce tracking, etc. Your SEO specialist in montreal will be able to provide you with all his experience, advice, and recommendations to enable you to have a site with maximum visibility in the search engine results pages.


Do you have a news site and want your articles to appear in Google News? Referencing a site on Google News requires special knowledge. Our team of experts will be happy to support and guide you in submitting and deploying your site on Google News.


Are you looking for SEO training for your teams? MC Marketing 360 offers training adapted to all levels to improve the skills of your employees.

Our Montreal SEO service stages

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  • Collection of information and exchanges with the customer (catchment area, main competitors, keywords to target, flagship products, objectives, state of the art, etc.);
  • Lexical audit : identification of strategic and relevant keywords in relation to the client’s activity;
  • Tracking : monitoring, verifications, implementation and validation of the Google Analytics tagging plan;
  • Lexical recommendations : writing title tags, meta description and optimization of Hn markup for all static and dynamic pages;
  • Content recommendations : proposal for improvements to existing content and optimization of internal linking.
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  • Technical recommendations : verification of around forty checkpoints on your site (crawl and indexing optimization via the robots.txt file, the sitemap.xml file, the canonical tag, the index / noindex tags, etc. presence of the SSL certificate, http and WWW redirection, management of orphan pages, implementation of structured data, optimizations related to page loading time, etc .;
  • Acceptance : verification of the proper production and compliance of the various SEO recommendations;
  • Performance monitoring and analysis : implementation of automated reporting, monitoring of key performance indicators and proposal for improvements.

Google’s algorithm  : The 3 major ranking facotrs

Site content

The site must have quality content without any duplicate content which is penalized by Google. We thus intervene in the editorial and semantic optimization of your site via in particular the regular publication of articles, the optimization of the tags as well as internal linking.

The technique

The site must be technically well optimized in order to facilitate its reading by the Google robot (GoogleBot). Among the points of vigilance, we are interested, for example, in the speed of page loading, the implementation of AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) technology, the presence of duplicate content, the verification of follow / nofollow links, the passage of your site in https, the implementation of structured data and rich snippets, etc …

The backlinks

This is an essential point to work on the popularity of the site: the more backlinks a site has (links from other sites), the more quality these backlinks, the more popular the site will be and will climb in the search engine results. Thus, we set up effective and quality backlink campaigns.
Whether as part of an SEO audit, a one-off mission, or for global support, YATEO’s certified SEO experts work on these three aspects in order to optimize the SEO of your site and generate qualified visits and especially the profitability on this one.

We attach particular importance to creating backlinks, the most important criteria for the success of an SEO campaign. Efforts should therefore be focused on quality backlink creation campaigns in order to improve the popularity of your site.

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